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Hali is a farm located in Suðursveit a county in South-East Iceland. Hali ‘s surroundings are breathtaking with Steinafjall mountain towering above and the powerful Atlantic Ocean below.

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Hali is a family farm, the same family has lived there since 1890, now in its fifth generation. Before 1960, the farm was very isolated because the glacier rivers that hindered travel between communities. Powerful rivers flowed from the mighty Vatnajökull glacier in the north then out to the Atlantic Ocean in the south.  It was not until after 1960 where the most difficult glacial rivers were bridged in the South East of Iceland. 
Until that time the inhabitants mainly made a living through subsistence farming, supplemented by fishing. Visitors were rare and the South East of Iceland remained isolated from the outside world. The people living there continued their struggle through life with an undaunted diligence. A good knowledge of nature and the local area, as well as a positive attitude, were necessary tools to survive these harsh conditions. Living in this environment was often difficult and took its toll on everyone. 

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The meaning of the word Hali is a tail of a cow. The English name of the farm would be Cowtail :) Up until 2017, Hali was a milk farm with up to 40 cows milking at once. 




Now, Hali is a sheep farm with about 160 sheep for winter feeding. In the spring the lambs are born and in the summer months the sheep live wild with their lambs before the farmer rounds them all up before the cold winter months.

Did you know that there are more sheep in Iceland then people! 


You can enjoy some time at the Þórbergssetur restaurant, either before or after your IceHover tour experience,  you will see the real life of locals working on the farm. 




In the Þórbergur Centre is a fully licensed restaurant with seating for 110 guests.  The daily menu offers specialities, such as farm-raised lamb dishes as well as arctic char (trout) and other traditional Icelandic food.  
The restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy food or drinks before or after your tour with IceHover. We recommend our hovercraft pilot‘s favourite dish, traditional Icelandic meat soup!

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In Hali, there has been guesthouse since 2005 starting with only 5 rooms. The hotel now has  35 rooms all with private bathrooms and three two-bedroom apartments that you can rent for your trip to Iceland.

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